Natural leadership starts with asking questions.

Asking questions highlights the potential for a better future, a brighter opportunity and the concern the questioner has for improving the lives of others.

When you ask questions about a situation or a potential opportunity you demonstrate concern, engagement, and possibly some personal ownership of what is happening around you.

The questions highlight the potential for a better future, a brighter opportunity and the concern you may have for improving the lives of others.  When you ask questions, you think there is a better alternative, a chance for a better future.

When you begin to start asking questions you are beginning to reveal something about yourself – something called leadership intelligence.

Leadership intelligence begins with self-discovery and self-awareness then moves out to the positive influence in leader-needy situations.  From a self-awareness / self-discovery point of view, leadership intelligence encompasses the concepts of perceiving, being, knowing and doing.

Leadership intelligence helps shape our perception of leaders around us and the response they bring to resolve the needs of the moment. As an example,  when we believe that “Susan” is a good leader, what we are saying is that Susan is effective in certain situations by knowing what to do, what to do next and why, what resources are needed and what the best outcome should be.

Consider this: Perceiving

Where does your perception of great leadership come from?

What past situations, that you experienced first hand, have shaped your perception of what makes for effective leadership?

What forces or influencing that you saw or experienced shaped these situations?

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