Why is THIS Important??

Now more then ever there is a call for leadership in our country.


Well probably a bit more then a call–more like an outright scream! People all over the country are crying out for leadership.   People want to see leadership actively working to resolve the problems facing our country—they want to be well led.  But many people are wondering, “Who are the real leaders and what the heck are they doing about what we are facing?”

Our collective anguish over the answer to this question leads us to only one conclusion:

The answer is quite simple – we are all leaders. And we all can do something to make a difference.

Right where we are, with the resources we have available to us, and the desire to make a difference in our world, each of us are the right leaders to make the difference.

Leadership is not just the responsibility for people in positions of authority.

Leadership is the responsibility of all of us – especially for those of us who are not in positions of authority.

This is where “Lead Without Authority” comes in.

Our goal is to be a leadership resource so you can effectively lead from where you are. We want to create a portal, a resource, and even a community of people who really want to make a difference and learn how to lead from the where they are right now. With the country calling our for leaders to come forward and solve the problems, right the wrong, and actually lead, now is the time to do what we can to ensure everyone has the opportunity to learn how to lead better and make a difference.

Lead without Authority is for everyone.

We hope that people in all age demographics, career, educational levels and professions, will find information and resources here that will help them to be more effective leaders within their own leader-needy situations.  This is to be a resource to help develop leaders from the ground up.

Many people point out the lack of leadership in this country. We believe you are the person most qualified to supply the right leadership where it is needed most––right where you are. We want to help you be effective in doing this and we invite you to explore the leadership resources of Lead Without Authority.

Don’t be afraid to step out and lead.

You may be surprised to learn that someone has been hoping you would step up to the plate. You will be will be forever changed, and those you lead will be forever grateful for the leadership difference you made in their life.

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