How am I helping to bring out the best in others?

Ask yourself, “How am I really helping others?” This is a critical question that can help the new and experienced leader help everyone achieve their best possible results.

One of the first things to see with the question is that it is “other focused.”  When you seriously consider this question, you are putting others first, intentionally working to discover what needs to happen in order to make a difference that will impact others.

Asking the “how” question helps you to focus on two key areas:

  • What your leadership is providing to others
  • How you are creating an environment that removes obstacles and creates opportunities for people to flourish and be successful in their area of passion and interest

If you’re taking steps to lead others, know that people really want to be part of a group or organization that is well led.

  • They want to be able to identify with the leader, the values and the mission
  • They want to contribute their best and know their contributions are valued
  • They want to be inspired to achieve more as part of your team or movement then they could have on their own – to be part of something greater then themselves
  • They want to feel invested in and considered to help them grow.  Your leadership sets the example to everyone, and people will determine if they can be fully themselves based on your leadership.

So here is a quick list to help you bring out the best in others:

  • Be a great example of what you want your those around you to be.  Walk the walk, not just talk the talk.
  • Live out the values of the group and stay focused on what the movement or organization is trying to achieve.
  • Motivate others by giving clear goals and objectives based on the contributions of others so folks know that what they say and do are valued and contribute to the mission.
  • Invite everyone to help with problem solving.  You just don’t know what people know until you ask them
  • Spend time with others and discover what it is they want to accomplish while part of your team.  You can really extend your own leadership value and influence by helping others achieve their full potential.

Consider This:

  • Are you creating a positive environment for those around you?
  • What internal or external obstacles need to be removed that would help those in your immediate influence be more successful?
  • How are you helping others create more opportunities for success?
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