What do you know about leadership?

Can you identify a leader in a crowd of other people?

What is it about the person you’re seeing that tells you they are a leader?  Often when we are pressed we may find it hard to identify specifics that make a person a leader.  Kind of like, “I’m not sure, but I’ll know it when I see it.”

We have already identified some of the most common traits of good leaders.  Even though we listed only a few, there are many other traits or characteristics that leaders display.  In fact, the list of leadership traits can be quite extensive.

But there is one attribute of a leader that you can look for to help you frame their leadership focus.  This is the “what are they’re really after” perspective, or asking “What’s their motivation?”.

In order for you to recognize authentic leaders, be sure you see them focus on others or demonstrate a level of selflessness in service to others.

Great leaders are not in it for themselves.  They are there to help raise up those who do not have a voice, to support the good work of others, and to enable, unleash and encourage more people to serve.

Having said that, being the leader can be a lonely role.  Leaders often carry burdens, experience great sacrifice, receive criticism and most influence people to take action they were probably not planning to take to begin with.  It takes a lot of energy so it’s important that you recognize leaders who are not in it for themselves.

Great leaders serve others, to serve the greater good of the community.

What is it you see or look for in your leaders?

If you find yourself in a position of leadership, ask yourself what your focus is, “Am I serving others or am I looking out for opportunities for personal benefit?”